Are you an expert and want to share your expertise to impact people’s lives? Then you are at the right place. As a pro in whatever you do it is more than essential to be able to impact people who just like you either struggle to get the results you have already achieved or need guidance to get to where you already are. Learning from those with experience has always been one of the best ways of gaining knowledge. Guess what? You can share your expertise and skills while genuinely getting paid. With our extensive array of resources put at your disposal and support we give you all the way from conception to delivery we create that environment that will allow you excel.

Unlock digital innovation
Working alongside a leading digital team with years of experience in design and technology, you’ll get complete support during the creation of your course. We collaborate with you to help you develop and deliver courses that feature expert pedagogical design and smart social learning. 24/7 support. In the middle of a course launch, and something goes wrong customer support will always be there for you. If you have a question or an issue, you can always reach us on live chat, email, phone, or video, regardless of how much you earn.

How To Become A Tutor


Sign up

The first step of the journey is signing up. You have multiple sign up options from your private email, corporate email and social media links to create an account. Your account will be automatically created and once you verify it you are all in and ready to make the magic happen.


Prep for your first course

We believe that creating value entails huge amounts of upfront preparation. At this point make sure you have all the tools and equipment you need to create your course.


Create your first course

YAY! You are ready to start. It does not matter if its your first try at this because every question you may have has been thoughtfully answered through the step-by-step design of the course creation process. Click on the create a new course button and follow the steps. Never forget that support is always a click away to give you extra guidance if needed.


Add Pricing

How much am I going to charge for my course? Does techskilz have control over your pricing? The answer is in your own hands. We believe that hard work deserves hard compensation, and the cost of your course is totally dependent on you not us! There isn’t a one-size-fits-all response, and this will be based on the value you place on the content.


Publish your course

Make your course available to your intended audience with a single click of a button. Once you are done with the creation of your course content and determining how much you charge for your course all you have left is submitting it for review. We will review your course to make sure it meets standards and get it published for general visibility immediately.


Earn for your hard work.

Get paid for the hard work you accomplished. With a wide variety of payment options at your disposal, your money is always closer to your wallet. Select your preferred payment method amongst our payment options available and immediately have access to your money at any time.