About Us

Techskilz is an online learning community with a unique and highly attractive way to learn vital subject-related concepts and skills, enabling committed learners to improve their career paths, their organizations, and ultimately their lives.

We believe in equality of access to knowledge and learning skills irrespective of location, economic status or any other differences that can so often be possible. With a wide range of free and paid courses we strive to transform education  and positively influence our learners' lives and the world throughout our journey. Techskilz’ goal is to transform access to knowledge. We aim at providing an opportunity to educate learners who can make a change in the world.

How do we stand out?

By deploying the latest technologies with easy to navigate user interfaces for both students and tutors, we have created the PERFECT environment for anyone who wants to achieve their development goals wherever they are—in the world, in their professions, and their lives.

We anticipate revolutionizing traditional education through our innovative online platform, eradicating the obstacles of cost, location, and access. Satisfying people's needs to learn on their own terms, Techskilz is creating the new possibilities of education by providing a platform for top-quality, productive learning experiences including advanced free learning courses. Helping learners at every stage, we are defining the new way of moving up the socio economic and cultural ladder by providing access to skills that break barriers to job entry, career overhaul and self-development. Techskilz is where you go to learn the easy way.

With an open-source platform focused on intuitive content delivery and subject matter satisfaction, educators from all works of life can create enticing courses that satisfy their audience by building rock solid understanding in key focus areas.

The true definition of self paced learning

The ability to learn in your own time and schedule, proceeding from topic to topic at your self defined speed is taken to the next level with Techskilz. In an era of digitalization, we can no longer accommodate a one fit all learning style. Courses are structured not only by topics but weekly and by setting your own pace, you can define how fast you intend to complete a course based on your personal goals and objectives. We are focused on accommodating every individual learning style. Those who consider themselves fast learners and prefer to complete their necessary course work faster should be able to do so using the way in which courses are structured. For those who move at a slower pace, courses are structured in a way that you can smile your way to completion one step at a time. With an improvement in knowledge retention self-paced learning increases inductive thinking because information is being presented in a more entertaining thus less intimidating way, This allows you to create your own learning schedule which will be FOCUS- oriented leading to lesser interruptions.

Learning from Examples

The greatest learning comes from examples and examples comes from those who have done it repeatedly, achieving success on their way. With the best-known challenge being getting started, we built the platform such that everyone can share their path to success in a very user-friendly manner by taking advantage of the tools at their disposal to deliver top notch content. By utilizing their unique stories of their paths to success, we believe that those who are in the position to help you achieve your desired goals must have gone through that same road and are able to put you through with tips, articles and tactics that will help you get in line to easily navigate the long road to success.

While learning is a constructive activity in which “students” make use of what they already know to interpret and make sense out of new information, it’s rather unfortunate that teachers rely on over explaining theoretical based concepts and knowledge rather than focusing on explanation and experienced based examples that sounds like a common language to students. We have created the course creation process to harness the best out of both worlds.

About two V1

With an open-source platform focused on intuitive content delivery and subject matter satisfaction, educators from all works of life can create enticing courses that satisfy their audience by building rock solid understanding in key focus areas.


Our Mission

At Techskilz, we believe everyone should get a chance through technology to acquire the skills of tomorrow. With reliable learning & assessment methods, and courses authored by field experts from different industries, we are committed to helping both learners and tutors create the best learning environment that imparts cutting-edge knowledge and skills for individuals around the world that will let them build reliable and secure careers. With a platform built with the sole objective to satisfy learners, we have created a learning ecosystem that does just that. With access to self-paced and Live courses we make sure that every educational need is met. Quizzes, Summaries and Certificates of completion to showcase your achieved skills amongst others do not only boost your knowledge but showcase your achievement and increase your worth.